Visiting the Smith Garden

The Smith Garden in Oakwood, Ohio, is a gem of tiny garden. Nestled on less than a half acre, this garden delivers a mighty punch of color and texture within its vignettes. Established by Carlton and Jeanette Smith in the 1930’s, the garden is operated by the parks department and extra care is given to the grounds by the Friends of Smith Gardens.

The day I visited was clear and bright, and the lawn was still damp from an earlier rain. The shaded benches in the far back corners beckoned as the heat and humidity began to climb. A winding stream drew my eye to a small pond, complete with obligatory gold fish.

The garden is simple in its design. The repetition of colors and plants and curved beds accentuated by grass paths is the perfect example of how adhering to the basics of garden design produces a successful landscape.
The Smiths designed their garden to offer continuous bloom as well as visual interest in the winter with small trees and shrubs. The attention to detail is impressive. Clean lines, not a weed in sight and the lush beds were full, not unruly. A garden after my own heart!

Nestled within the affluent Oakwood neighborhood, I have a feeling there are many more such gardens, privately owned, to be found. Returning to the garden, on a cooler day and with more time to explore the area, is on my garden wish list. And maybe, I will be lucky to arrive during one of the blanket concerts.