Coffee- what keeps me from being beige…

Or, the divine reason why I drink coffee

If it wasn’t for coffee I would be beige- a dull, lackluster, humdrum lady. At least that is what I believe and I am not willing to risk giving up coffee with that potential side effect.

I am sure you heard the legend of how a goat discovered coffee. Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder witnessed his goats behaving with a bit more energy than usual (have you ever seen a lethargic goat?). Kaldi surmised that his goats were acting thusly because they had been grazing on the berries of a shrub. Well, long legend short, Kaldi the inquisitive goat herder snacked on the berries and he too became quite giddy.
And here is where our legend takes a very serious turn. A monk who had witnessed this transformation, also tried the berries and discovered that he, along with his fellow monks, were more open to divine inspiration.

As gardeners dedicated to our craft, we are in constant pursuit of inspiration. We are on a relentless quest to learn all we can and incorporate that knowledge into our gardens. So, logically, if we want our gardens to be divinely inspired, then coffee we must drink


  1. Wow! No wonder whenever I serve goat at home, I always pair it with coffee!

  2. Too funny! Thanks for reading! Stop back again. ~~ Jenny