Grow Where You are Planted

This saying has been tumbling around my thoughts the last week. As a lover of all things garden, I see its message in terms of what gardening can teach me about life. I realize this is not a typical garden blog post. So I appreciate you humoring me and sticking with me to the end.

Life is like a garden, it deserves careful thought and consideration. Think carefully and be smart about your decisions. Like plants, not all decisions are easily changed once they are made. And some choices, even the simple ones, like selecting annuals, can have a big impact on the outcome.

Stick to your guns. Seeking advice from books and garden pros is just plain smart. However, it is your garden, your life. Decide what is best for you and stick to your path. Your design may be a bit different, even eccentric, but it is your design, be proud.

Patience Grasshopper. One of the cardinal rules of good garden design is to plan how your garden will look three years out. The first year of perennial gardening can be brutal. Hours of preparing the soil, pulling sod, removing rocks and planting your design. Then you wait. As an experienced gardener you know most gardens look their best the second and third year. They need time to get their footing before they prosper. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we feel stuck. Perhaps we want to make a major life change but nothing seems to be happening. We are where we are in life for a reason. Do what you can to set the wheels of change in motion and then concentrate on the present, living today and learning. The rest will come when the time is right.

Oh, you thought it would be easy! Creating a successful garden is not easy. Perhaps you were dealt depleted soil, ravenous deer and a budget. Take what you are given and make it great. Don’t become complacent, dismissive or disinterested. If you do, two years from now you will be standing in the same barren landscape. It’s not called the fruits of our labor for nothing.

Are you still there? What is it about getting something down on paper that helps one clear the mind?
Stay tuned. The Garden Life’s next post is about plants. Gasp. Up next: My favorite native shrubs for the Ohio garden.


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  1. Lovely post! Your metaphor is perfect and advice is too. Exactly! ;>)