New Places and Old Familiar Faces

Traveling is a great joy in my life. I enjoy experiencing new places, gardens, people and foods. But I also enjoy the comfort and familiarity of returning to a favorite destination.

Sunday’s trek was the best type of trip for it took us to a new place as well as an old familiar town. The Maple Creek Artisan Center in Neville, Ohio was our destination for the day. Even though the fall color was not as intense as in years past, it was still a beautiful drive. With the Ohio River on our right, a rolling, winding road (the best kind to drive), the crunch of leaves and a bright blue sky above, we were enjoying our Sunday excursion. After touring the Artisan Center, chatting with a few artists and listening to the band play a blend of Bluegrass and Country music we were ready for lunch.

I was not ready to call it a day when my friend suggested we head to Augusta, Kentucky for lunch. It was a splendid idea. I have been visiting Augusta for over 15 years and think of it as an old friend. Known by many as the home of Rosemary Clooney, Augusta is an historic colonial town on the Ohio River sans the flood wall. The best way to experience Augusta is to start on the Ohio side of the river. The Jenny Ann, a ferry boat, will shuttle you across the river for a few dollars.

Augusta is located in what was part of a Revolutionary War grant given to Capt. Phillip Buckner who settled the area in 1796 with 40 Virginian families. Touring the town is a short, casual stroll. Here the theme is relax, let go and breathe. Take in the views of the river from one of the countless benches overlooking the banks. Dive into a bowl of ice-cream as you watch the other tourists stroll by or enjoy a quiet moment in the garden overlooking the river.

Augusta may not be a garden destination, but if you enjoy a Sunday trip, good food and peace and true quiet, Augusta will not fail you. And there are even a few gardens to enjoy.


  1. An amazing space! I'm going to have to remember how many beautiful gardens are essentially in my back yard (live in W. PA/Pittsburgh), instead of thinking only in terms of the UK, France, Italy, etc.

    Thanks much, Larry

  2. Larry,
    Traveling is always fun. But I am also taking a closer look at the gardens within walking distance of my house. See: A Very Short Garden Jaunt. I am never disappointed when I head out for a walk!