A Very Short Garden Jaunt

I love a garden road trip. Collecting and reading books on my destination, closely checking the map for potential side trips and scouring the internet for those little known gems not yet written about in books is quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, I cannot travel as often as I like. So, I decided to take a garden rip a tad closer home.

Introducing, The Very Short Garden Jaunt. Only one rule on this trip, I must go on foot.

The neighborhood where I live is filled with beautiful gardens, large and small. I see them all the time running errands and going on my infrequent (working on that) morning runs. But what I never did was take my time and treat Hyde Park like I would any other garden destination. Silly, isn’t it?
Right off the bat I saw, and took the time to appreciate, a garden a few blocks from my house that is worthy of any garden magazine. Imagine what I will find the next time I step out?


  1. Absolutely awesome photos! What a neighborhood!

  2. Stunning photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I wouldn't be able to sit indoors at your house with all that calling me outside! Fabulous and inspiring. Thank you!

  4. YourGardenShow, It is rather nice to get my garden fix for the day by taking a walk around my neighborhood.

  5. Lovely Photos. How lucky to have that all close by. I'm sure that running past is not the way to see and enjoy it.lol Glad you took a walk instead! Thanks. Peace, David F.