Those that know me would say I am usually in a rather good mood. Some attribute it to running and gardening endorphins, others to an overindulgence in coffee. I am fortunate to say that I am happy each day. I am wondering if I am happy because I see beauty in each day or is being a generally happy person preventing me from consciously looking for and appreciating beauty each day.

Am I coasting or experiencing?

Thus the idea for this new Blog department was hatched. Call it my little experiment to make a conscious effort to find beauty in each day. And to be perfectly honest, I thought a Blog dedicated to finding beauty in each day would be a wonderful project. But, as my better half will tell you, I have too many projects already. So a compromise- incorporate the idea into my garden Blog.

The timing is also important. You see, with the cold and ice of our Cincinnati winters, running, walking and gardening go on the decline taking my endorphins with them.
I hope you will join me and share with me what you find beautiful.


  1. I try and find the positive in each day and I guess that is what my blog ultimately is about...my life lessons tied to my garden and how to learn and make the most of this life..great idea to find beauty every day...I will keep that thought going!!!

  2. Donna, I think finding the positive is so important. It keeps us grounded, happy and able to focus on all the wonderful things that can be! Life can be distracting :)