Ideas for the New Year

I wasn’t planning on posting about New Year’s resolutions, but after seeing others committing themselves to self and garden improvement I thought, Who am I to shrug this responsibility?

Set on making a few improvements plans for the year, I headed to one of my favorite places for inspiration, Ault Park. And for insurance, I grabbed a very inspiring chocolate chip cookie from Karl’s deli, yummy, and a Vitamin Water (you know, to cancel out the cookie’s calories).

After meandering around the park, with a slight sugar kick and an open mind, I settled myself on a bench with a view of the central lawn and Pavilion and waited for inspiration from the park and its gardens. It wasn’t long before ideas came to mind.
  • When I need to think, I will take the time to make my way back to the same bench. It is a wonderful thinking spot.
  • Design as if one day I will create a garden as grand as Ault Park. Shoot for the stars.
  • Design with thoughtfulness and attention to detail- much needed when working on tiny gardens.
  • Visit one new garden each month and share my travels via The Garden Life.
  • Read about a garden style, landscaper or garden designer I am not familiar with each month. AKA a new excuse to buy more garden books.
  • Design and install a garden unlike any I have done before. In other words, get out of my comfort zone and try something new!
  • Never forget that gardening is about creating, getting muddy and having fun.
  • Always remember- I may not be a gardener or garden writer by trade, but I am one at heart.


  1. great things to shoot for .....and I have a list of about 10 books to read and 10 to buy...I like the excuse....here's to continually stepping out of the comfort zone...the results certainly surprises you...wishing you great gardening experiences in 2011

  2. That is a lot of gardening aspirations. Hope they all come true and I wish you great gardening in 2011. Here's to garden design.

  3. Wishing you both a wonderful 2011 garden as well! There is so much to learn about gardens, so much that is new and exciting. I say go for it! Learn all you can- we are only here once.