Spring will be here soon enough.

I hear a lot of people lamenting that it’s winter and wishing for spring. I can understand why. In Cincinnati the winters can be cold, icy and gray. We do not have enough snow to engage in winter sports. Instead, there is just enough to make walking and running in town treacherous. And our lack of regular snowfall leaves our roads and snow piles looking dingy. But still, I am not one to rush spring.

Winter is my time to read, relax, visit garden conservatories and enjoy the winter garden. It is my time to hike in places like Red River Gorge without suffering heat exhaustion. I have time to spread out maps and garden books and plan the coming year’s garden treks. I am also taking a few university Horticulture classes. I am sure my mind would not be on my studies if it was 70 and sunny out.

When spring does arrive it comes soft and warm. It lulls us into thoughts of trips to the nursery to converse with fellow gardeners while selecting plants. Truth be told, spring is a fa├žade. In reality, spring is whispering to us, get ready, get set, GO! Once the ground thaws the gardens will beckon and demand our time, energy and sweat.

Do not get me wrong, I love gardening and being worn out after a day’s work, feeling muscles I have not used all winter throb and knowing there is always something that needs to be done. I do not think of it as work, but pure joy!

But for now, I want to be a tad selfish. I want to finish my certificates from the university, I want to read garden books, draw garden plans and just daydream about gardens to come.


  1. so right to slow down as winter beckons us to do and enjoy other things...am learning to do that too...

  2. Winter is my favorite time of year to read fiction and relax with the cats on my lap. Usually I don't think much about gardening from December - January. But this year, with a new blog, it's always on my mind!

  3. So happy to find your blog! Winter is actually a crazy time for me, as I own an heirloom plant business. We're going to spend the next few weekends constructing my brand new, commercial greenhouse--so excited! Herb seedlings are already calling to me from downstairs to get potted up, in a couple weeks I'll be starting 160 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and about 50 heirloom peppers...so honestly, there's no rest for me in the next few months--but I love it. Enjoy your reading and writing!