You don’t have to garden to live the Garden Life

Living the Garden Life is a state of mind, a way of being. Even if you never sink a trowel in the earth or get your hands dirty you can live the Garden Life.

To understand this you must first see how gardens and flowers are woven into the tapestry of our lives. Gardens influence our home d├ęcor from the fabrics on our sofas to the books gracing our coffee tables. Lunch is more enjoyable in a park or green space and hotels with lush plantings and fresh cut flowers make us feel at home and at ease.

Children give their moms handfuls of cheerful dandelions as pretty gifts and young boys present their dates with flowers before the prom. Suitors court ladies with roses to spark romance and a bride’s greatest accessory is her flower bouquet.

In times of war, we grew victory gardens to support our troops. Flowers welcome us when we are born and mark the end of our lives in funerals and atop graves.

To live the Garden Life is simply to live with purpose- to add thoughtfulness to what we often do simply out of habit. Living the Garden Life is learning the names of the flowers we bring into the house. Living the Garden Life is taking a minute to look closely at the plants within a garden and seeing how they work together to create a garden. To live the Garden Life is to learn why we give the flowers that we do, such as red roses for love and lilies for Easter. It is adding a few simple cut flowers to the breakfast or bedside table. It’s taking a trip to a greenhouse or conservatory in the winter to enjoy lush, green foliage.

The more I ponder this, living the Garden Life, it seems like a nice way to add a bit of beauty and something special to our days.

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