The Entry Design

Our second assignment for my landscape design class was for a very large spec home. We were tasked with designing the drive, walkways, pool and patio area, three retaining walls and an entry courtyard garden. I tend to over design. Since this was a spec home, I went with less planting in the back and focused on a colorful, formal entry garden for curb appeal. Turns out, I was too skimpy in the back. Unfortunate, but without a budget it is hard to know when to say when!

I repeated a handful of plants throughout the entry for uniformity and to create a sense of calm and instant familiarity in the plan. Boxwoods in a 'X' formation along the entry walk are livened with annual Veronicas, Knock-Out Roses and continuously blooming daylilies.

The rounded extension of the entry is an ideal spot for a grouping of planted pots changed throughout the year for seasonal interest or a curved teak or wrought iron bench with more formally designed pots at each end.

The courtyard garden has an entry designed to look like random stepping stones. The smooth surface ensures safety. As you move towards the interior of the courtyard, random stones are removed and open ground planted with Steppables. The wall features a fountain and small water garden.


  1. Pretty happy to say I received a high mark for my plan. I feared it was too sparse, part of that is my lacking drawing skills. The architect students in the class create beautiful plans. For the most part, my plant selection was very good, he liked the circle bump-out in the entry walk, scale and shape of the walk and design of the courtyard! One more plan left to design for class.

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