Spring in Bloom

Yes, it's another post of spring in bloom. Can you blame me? After months of cold and grey, it is so nice to see color. Before we know it, spring will leap right into the hot, humid days of summer, at least it will here in Cincinnati. So I relish in these early spring days when the ground smells rich and moist, when the birds are singing their hearts out and everything is flush with color.

And the color of spring thus far seems to be yellow.

I always make my way down the street to this water garden. I love it for two reasons. It is so close that I can walk there in a minute from my backdoor. Isn't that a treat? Also, what you cannot tell from these pictures is the garden is on the side yard, facing the street. The beautiful house, a Hyde Park beauty, sits atop a hill and I am pretty sure the owners cannot see the water feature from their house. It would appear they built this garden for the love of water gardens and to create a bit of beauty for us to enjoy as we pass by.

This is a favorite destination for Jack, my three-year old nephew, when he visits grandma and grandpa who live across the street from me.

The skies were turning grey and rumbles of thunder were intensifying. A sane person would head home but I just had to see what was around the corner. So glad I did! Magnolias in bloom- what could be better? After taking a few pictures common sense kicked in and I decided to make my way back home.

The gardens surrounding the condos where I live are beautifully planted and maintained by a resident. This nodding beauty is just outside my door on the way to the courtyard garden.


  1. Spring blooms are such a welcome sight this time of year, can't get enough of them, especially since we expect snow tonight here in NJ. Love the magnolia blooms and really need to find somewhere to fit one in. Thanks for posting!

  2. Jealous! We were headed in that direction until this latest cold snap. Hope it moves up to Canada so you don't have to deal with it.

  3. Wow! I'm jealous, it will take another month before I see any flower in my garden. Can't wait!

  4. Great photos representative of spring. You seem to be a bit ahead of us here in southeastern PA.

  5. I have been taking so many pictures and roaming around the area like a crazy lady just trying to take it all in. Spring is so fleeting- blink and it is gone....