This Teasing has to Stop

Friday morning greeted Cincinnati with frozen roads, many accidents and snow covering our lawns and gardens. If it were December or January I would have loved the sight of the fresh, white snow. But it is March and Mother Nature has been teasing us with the promise of spring for long enough.

A few warmer days with clear skies had us feeling fresh and alive. And just as we were ready to plant our pansies and clean out last season's garden pots, the clouds rolled in, the winds kicked up and the snow was falling. Our dream of spring was dashed.

Walking around the park, my neighborhood and Spring Grove I noticed how the trees, especially the Magnolias, are heavy with flower buds. Daffodils are emerging, swollen with yellow flowers. The spring landscape is ready to make its entrance, patiently waiting for Mother Nature to drop the curtain on winter.

Today I am feeling more hopeful that spring will grace the stage; the first act of the new garden season. The sky was rather clear and bright during my morning run, the grass was greening up nicely and even the song of the Robins seemed cheerier. Joggers said hello and morning with a smile and there was a general feeling of promise that today was the beginning of spring.

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