A Very Short Garden Jaunt

With the sun on my back, a warm breeze on my face and spring bulbs adding color to the landscape, I knew the end of winter was in sight and that it’s time to bring back the column, A Very Short Garden Jaunt.
What we need to do is look back at these pictures in the fall to remind us why we add one more task to the garden to-do list. I remember how the end of summer left me a bit worn out, and by the time fall made its entrance I wanted to get things tidied up and in order before the snow began to fly. But it only takes one daffodil, one crocus or snowdrop peaking up from the snow to remind us that planting spring bulbs in the fall will reward us ten-fold next spring.

Spring is not quite here, officially that is. I am sure we will have another week of cold and snow. Eager to get out in the gardens we will wonder if spring will ever arrive. Spring bulbs are bright, colorful reminders that while Mother Nature may have a few last tastes of late winter for us, spring is just a moment away! 


  1. I so agree!! It feels like spring is here, but never going to arrive all at the same time! I have most of your same little bulbs popping up (the purple and yellow and white crocus just went crazy today!) and am so happy to see them! Here's to making notes to plant more bulbs next fall!

  2. I'll toast to that! Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog.

  3. Lovely, lovely photos! You're just a bit ahead of me. Happy Spring!

  4. Your spring photos are so encouraging. My garden is still coming out of winter and won't be blooming like yours for another three or four weeks.

  5. Hang in there Alice! Spring is worth the wait.
    Thanks, PlantPostings, glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for stopping by.