When all else fails, head inside.

We are very fortunate here in Cincinnati. When the weather is cold, rainy and just blahhh (AKA beige) outside we can escape to the Krohn Conservatory and the Cincinnati Art Museum for free. Sometimes I forget about this luxury, being able to pop into the museum to see a new exhibit, browse through few galleries and then lunch in the cafe with a view of the courtyard garden. My only splurge is the lunch.

When I travel, more often than not there is a fee for the museums and conservatories, which I am happy to pay. I always come home with a renewed appreciation of the little perks of the Queen City.

I wanted to share these photos from the Krohn Conservatory earlier. Note the snow. Unfortunately I downloaded the images to the wrong folder and just now found them.


  1. I really like the third. Amazingly, I've never been to the K.

  2. I have the names of the plants on my computer I use for editing photos, but it just died :( I was getting ready to add the plant names when it happened.

  3. Great photos, and even better to be inside a warm glasshouse on a cold day!

  4. Mark and Gaz, I could not agree more! Krohn is not huge, but there is much to discover, and if you take your time and look at all the plants and the detail of the plants, it is pretty amazing.


  5. Lovely pictures, sometimes going inside with all the lovely plants is better than sunshine for warming up!