Discoveries on a Very Short Walk

I like how the owners of this yard, when they redesigned their front steps, had the new water feature run under the steps.

I had planned to take a long walk, explore a few new streets and present to you some killer gardens. Unfortunately, the heat and three days of running in the heat had taken its toll on me and the trip was cut short.

Usually, when I see gardens with a lot of rocks, weeds and debris start to diminish the look and feel of the rocks. The rocks in this garden are clean and the planting simple, ideal for a contemporary home's front yard and an entry garden. Personally, I would add a few more foliage plants, but all-in-all, in person the garden does make one stop and enjoy the sound of the water.

I love that I have lived in the area for most of my life and there are still streets, very close to my home, that I have not explored even with all the walking and running I do.

A cool railroad trestle I saw while on my walk.

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