Returning to the Reserve

If the Bloedel Reserve's Japanese Garden failed to inspire you to be still, be calm and be quiet, then perhaps the moss garden will help you down shift and take a deep breath. The moss garden is like a well designed room. The thick moss is lush and comforting. The tree canopy above creates our personal space; a place in the woods where we are safe and where we can just be for a while.

Fallen trees left to decompose and replenish the forest give life to ferns and small shrubs. The moss garden is a perfect balance. The garden is lush without being distracting. It is like a room with a few key pieces of choice art; enough to give us a reason to pause and reflect without monopolizing our time and becoming a distraction.

And of course, the garden is super cool! When a garden has this much power, this ability to make us stand in awe, the next thing to come to the mind of any true gardener is, how can I create this in my own garden?
Since I have never grown my own moss garden, I turned to fellow garden bloggers for some great information on moss gardening to inform and entice you.
From Gardening and Gardens, read Beauty of Moss or Moss-imize by the WashingtonGardener and Toronto Gardens for some amazing photos of moss walls in Iceland.


  1. thank you SOOO much! we try to garden as organically as possible, & I've just the area for a moss garden. next on my "to do" list. this is helpful & inspiring.

  2. Peggy, I am so glad you enjoyed the post. It is a peaceful place and we can all use a little peace and calm in our lives. ~~ Jenny

  3. I agree. The moss garden was a pretty cool space!