Alone at the Park

I was at Ault Park yesterday, taking the last steps to clean up my gardens. It was a very brisk day, but the bright sun made it very pleasant when working in the sun or sitting on a bench overlooking the gardens.

Usually the park is full of visitors, playing ball, having their pictures taken and enjoying the gardens. But not this day. I saw no one except one lady who was running her laps around the main lawn and side gardens.
I am glad I have the gardens at the park for many reasons, one being that on days when I would most likely not have thought of going to the park I do find myself there.  Had I not had my gardens to care for I would not have seen two hawks perched above the adopt-a-plots. I would not have sat on a bench, watching the beautiful grasses swaying in the soft breeze and hearing only the sound of small birds and animals scratching around the fallen leaves. 

It felt like a gift, having both gardens to myself and my thoughts. 
A promise of new gardens to come - milkweed seed, still waiting to find its final resting place.