Decisions, Decisions.

My garden friends in Cincinnati know that the weather here can be quite unpredictable. We can have frost warnings, cold temps, clear nights and two days later heavy rains and warm temperatures. It is not uncommon to have fall leaves crunching underfoot during a morning run but have the air and the breeze feel just like spring. Do I buy pumpkins for the balcony or shop for spring perennials?? 

I have been debating when to start closing up the gardens at the park. I hate to cut it all back- it looks so sad when I do. But I cannot leave it to die on its own like I did with my home garden for I want the gardens at the park to look nice at all times. So I cut and trim and pull those annuals that have served me well and are ready for the compost pile. When it came to the annual succulents in the rock garden I decided to try a little experiment. I will pot up a few and see if they can make it through the winter in my condo that leans more towards shady and cool than bright and sunny.

With clay pots in hand, I stared at the garden and its plants. I paced, hemmed and hawed; which succulents would I try to winter over? This is silly I thought to myself, they are plants, I can always buy more. But you know they are more than plants when you are a gardener. How can you sentence them to die a cold death after months of caring for them? You simply can't! I potted up five and have a few more pots prepped at home for my next trip to the garden. Long live the succulents- at least through the winter until they can return to their home in the park.


  1. Here's hoping your plants survive the winter. I potted up all my geraniums. I Just can't watch them freeze and die. I also winter over fushias. Wish I had room to bring more in.

    1. Bonnie- My mom winters her geraniums as well-- so nice to have them in the house during the cold winter. Thank you for the good wishes. Maybe we both will have a greenhouse in our futures :)..Jenny