Early Morning Haze

Plans for a quick trip to the park late last week started like a childhood poem; It was a terrible, horrible no good very bad day .... well that may be a slight over dramatic dramatization but the other morning, it felt spot on. My computer was acting wonky, the 't' key kept falling off, I couldn't find my keys, the coffee I ordered on the way to the park was missing its cream. Yes, I know these are all oh so trivial, but it was rather annoying. 

I really wanted to walk around the gardens, but the park was veiled in a thick fog. Arghhh... I was ready to write it off as a wasted trip when I saw this... wow, now that is a beautiful sight. All day I thought of that bench, how quiet and peaceful it was and how I would love to sit here with coffee (with creamer) in hand watching the sun burn the fog.


  1. That picture is absolutely stunning.

  2. I want to just sit there and take in all the tranquility! Breathtaking shot.

    1. It is a lovely place. Thank you for visiting my blog ~~ Jenny