The High Line, New York City

The plan was to spend an entire day exploring the High Line and the neighborhoods through which it passed. I pictured a day taking far too many photos, stopping at far too many delis, pubs and corner bakeries and enjoying New York City with the High Line as my guide.

Unfortunately, the weather promised to be quite foul the day I had saved for the High Line. So in the morning I took the train to Wave Hill and the afternoon and early evening, I spent with the High Line.

If one were ever to doubt the power of a garden or green space, you only need to spend the afternoon with the High Line to understand the need for such places. The energy in New York is palpable. The energy is fast, exciting, throngs of people, and a constant hum of go-go-go permeates the streets. But there are places where the energy shifts to rejuvenating, energizing and relaxing all at once. The High Line is such a place.
All gardens, the High Line included, are great equalizers. When you are in a garden space you are no longer a executive, model, writer, student, retired teacher or homeless man. You are simply a person, a human being, enjoying time with nature and the company of others. We all have the same paths to walk, benches to rest our weary bodies on, views of the city and sky above and sun on our shoulders. In a garden we are one.

Vibrant blue sky is a striking backdrop for the the High Line. A raised rail track given a second life with grasses, perennials and small tress softens the hard edges of  the city.


  1. Oh, I'm looking forward so much to seeing the High Line one day!

    1. Helen- It is wonderful I am sure you will love it!! I want to go back when I have all day to enjoy the garden. Jenny