A Year in the Park

A few years ago I started gardening at Ault Park and since then the park has been the center of my garden life. I have adopted several gardens, passed a few over to new gardeners, joined the board of the Ault Park Advisory Counsel and marketing committee and met a new friend, Mary Jo from the Cincinnati Master Gardeners Association. Mary Jo and the CMGs are now new gardeners at the park and I am a new member of their organization.

I have spent countless hours photographing the gardens and grounds of the park. I visit the gardens before work several days a week in the spring and summer and have spent many a late evening tending to the gardens and enjoying the park as it slowly winds down for the evening.

A while back I had an idea to write about the park for one year. In a way I have done just that; for several years. I even had a blog for that idea- A Year in the Park.

But something happened, I cannot quite recall what at this point, that made me simplify and condense several blogs into one. Oh yeah, that's it, I was trying to keep four blogs.. and work, run, keep a house, a full time job.. I had a moment of ACK!! I GIVE, UNCLE and paired everything down.

Things have changed since then. I am perhaps more busy than before but I have a new focus and goal in mind when it comes to my garden life. But do I want to start A Year in the Park again? Can I handle the responsibility of another blog?

I spent some time just thinking, sitting in the park and wondering if I could give a full year to the park; visiting more often, learning more of its history, writing more and visiting the archives more. Could I do it? I decided yes I could and I shall. It is part of a future gift to myself.


  1. Regarding the service as a gift to yourself will make it so worthwhile. When a blog becomes a burden more than a gift, you know its time for a break. I hope to go back to my blog recharged as you seem to be!

    1. Hello- Give it time.. one day you will miss writing and it wil be fun to start your blog up again. This is all optional so if it is not fun, we can say- pass!! cheers, Jen