My Garden Resolutions

It may seem late in the year for resolutions but since these are for the garden I figure I am right on schedule. All-in-all I have to say I am pretty happy with my garden life. I have a few trips planned this year that will take me to new garden destinations, I am tending new areas at the park- new gardens are always a fun challenge, I have new responsibilities at the park, I work for Horticulture, and I have a new spiffy camera to capture those wonderful gardens in bloom. But there is still room for a little improvement, thus my resolutions.
1) Record the name and location of new plants as soon as they are planted! Those garden tags tend to ‘walk-off’ over night I want to record the plants and post about how they are behaving in the garden.

2) Take more pictures! I tend to garden until the last rays of sun are in the sky. By the time I pack up the tools and load up the car, I am pulling out of the park as the stars come out. I vow to wrap things up a bit earlier so I can take pictures in the beautiful evening light.

3) Ask more questions. When I meet gardeners I hope to ask more questions about their garden and plants.

4) Read more. This is a pretty sad resolution when you think about it. I do read a lot, but I also watch too many re-runs of The Big Bang Theory (well, it is pretty darn funny!). And, I tend to go-go-go until I am dog tired. Wrapping things up a bit earlier will leave more time at night for garden books and magazines.

5) Be Calm, Be Quiet, Be Still in the Garden. Still working on this one. Take more time to sit, be quiet and just be in the garden.

A modest list, but one that will help me have an even more enjoyable garden life!


That Didn’t Last Long

The copper kettle was ransacked by what I am guessing was an overeager squirrel. I planted the empty kettle with several pansies to add a little spring color to the plot. I returned a few days later to find most on the pansies on the garden floor or resting on top of the container’s soil. I have a sneaking suspicion that squirrels were rooting around the freshly turned soil looking for bulbs.

No big hurt. What is interesting is they never bother the main summer planting. It’s a mystery! Here’s the kettle in its summer glory.


Starting to See Life in the Shade!

The shade garden is coming to life nicely. My last few visits at the park I gingerly pulled back the leaves, looking for signs of perennials emerging; in particular my rodgersia. I was most certain I had planted three, but so far only two have popped up their heads.

This plant loves the shade and extra water so I always spot water these plants, as well as the ligularias. The entire garden doesn’t always need a good soaking, but a few plants do need the extra drink.

I am thinking of adding a small understory tree. There is the issue of getting a tree to the park in my small Mazda and up to the plot! The tree that shades the plot now appears to be in decline and I want to plan for some need shade should it have to be removed down the road. Also, a little more structure and year-round interest would be nice. I am thinking perhaps a Witch-hazel. There is one on the plot across the walk and the pair of them would be very inviting.